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The Impact of Weather on Stamped Concrete and How to Protect It

The Impact of Weather on Stamped Concrete and How to Protect It

Whether you have a stamped concrete patio, walkway or driveway, it can be prone to damage during the harsh Tulsa winter weather. However, if you take the proper steps to protect it, your decorative concrete can last for years.

The first step to ensure a long-lasting stamped concrete job is to make sure the mixture is properly mixed. McEntee Construction’s experts mix the concrete solution perfectly to guarantee it is durable through changing weather conditions and frequent use.

Next, it’s important to ensure that the concrete is poured during sunny weather. This helps the concrete to fully dry before being walked on and re-used.

If rainy weather is forecasted, it’s always a good idea to re-schedule your concrete project for another day. Otherwise, it can become slippery and difficult to walk on once wet.

How to Prevent Snow and Ice on Your Stamped Concrete Pavers

The best way to keep your stamped concrete pavers from getting icy is to remove any accumulated snow as soon as it begins to fall. This will help to avoid damage, but if snow or ice does accumulate on your pavers, use an ice melt product that is safe for your stamped concrete surfaces.

The final step to prevent ice and snow from damaging your stamped concrete is to avoid using salt for melting it. Salt can severely discolor your stamped concrete and may even cause it to crack. If you must use salt, make sure to read the label and choose a safe ice melt product.

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